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PRINTinZ Plate for your Printrbot Simple 2016

Posted by Wayne Huthmaker on

One of our customers had a new Printrbot Simple 2016 under the tree this Christmas and he was kind enough to work with us to design a PRINTinZ Plate and some mounting clips for it. The new Simple doesn't allow for attaching a plate with binder clips like the old Simple Metal, so he designed some printable clips that allow you to slide the PRINTinZ Plate in from the front without having to remove the clips. A simple fix for a Simple printer!  

Below you will find some great photos showing the set-up and a link to the clips on Thingiverse. Thanks so much to Gene Chutka at GRC Visuals for his help with this!  Check out his site - they do some cool 3D figurines.

The plate is now available on our website. Choose the 164 mm x 264 mm size from the drop down menu.

Printable plate clips for Printrbot Simple 2016 on Thingiverse

Make Shootout Tests - bq Witbox

We are working our way through running the 2015 Make Shootout test parts on our printers, starting with the bq Witbox. Below are the results using the guideposted on Makezine.com.First, the operating conditions parameters:Make/Model: bq WitboxSlicer & setttings: Simplify3D V.3.0. Layer height mostly 0.2, with a couple of 0.1, Extrusion multiplier 0.9Temperature: Bed: Unheated. Nozzle: 210CFilament source: 1.75 PLA from bqHere are [...]

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Smoother Filament Feed

One of our PRINTinZ customers used our PLA/PHA to make some bearings for smoother pay-off from the filament spool. Check it out here....http://www.usefulramblings.org/?page_id=6994The skate bearings in the required size are available on adafruit.com and here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002BBICBK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Thanks to Ron Blout for sharing!

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Using Glue Stick as a Release Agent

Most people think of glue stick as something to help their prints adhere to their print bed, and of course it does have this effect, but did you also know that it can help with releasing the print from the print bed?  With the PRINTinZ Plates and Skins, too much heat or printing too close [...]

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Need a Good Math / Science Project?

Admit it. You want to use your 3D printer to do something for your kid's science project. Something he or she can proudly display at school that will make the other Moms and Dads...uh...I mean kids, green with envy. Well, here you go. You can easily print something that you can't easily buy, and it [...]

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PRINTinZ Releases US Made PLA/PHA 3D Printing Filament

Click this link for news about our new filament offering.

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How to Remove a Stuck Print from the PRINTinZ Plate

Every so often we get an email from a PRINTinZ Plateā„¢ customer telling us that they just welded some filament to their brand new plate. Understandably, they are concerned about how to remove it without damaging the plate. This week I started a print and immediately I could see that the nozzle was too close to the plate. It looked [...]

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How to 3D Print a Light Bulb

I like to make 3D prints that illustrate the effectiveness of the PRINTinZ plate, so today I modeled up a light bulb to show how it would stay stuck during printing, even though there is a very small contact area. As it turns out, this video also provides some insight into how to improve your print results, as well [...]

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Printing a Link Chain Tablet Stand

Here a little twist on some of the iPad stands I've designed before. I wanted to try something that would really test my Witbox printer and this one did. It tested my patience as well! Lots of bridging and steep overhangs, but the most difficult part was getting all the support structures placed juuuust right [...]

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Printrbot Simple Metal - Meet the PRINTinZ Plate

I recently bought a Printrbot Simple Metal to add to our stable of 3D printers. (Can never have too many, right?) Mostly I wanted a printer with a leveling sensor for R&D. I've shared my first prints on it here because they sort of tell the whole story of how the PRINTinZ Plate can make your life easier.I [...]

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