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PRINTinZ Skin Adhesive 3D Printer Bed Surface

PRINTinZ™ Skin

The PRINTinZ™ Skin is a peel and stick surface for 3D printer beds that helps improve your 3D printing productivity. It features:

  • Strong adhesion
  • Clean removal of 3D prints
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Color choice of black or white

PRINTinZ™ Skins are the same durable material as the outer layers of the PRINTinZ™ Plate, but produced with an adhesive backing.


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The PRINTinZ™ Skin offers all of the best qualities of the successful PRINTinZ™ Plate print surface, but at a lower price point. It is the perfect option for those users who prefer to print on a non-flexible printer bed.

PRINTinZ™ Skins are a substantially different product than other peel and stick surfaces or tapes. Unlike a thin film that is easily damaged with a spatula, PRINTinZ™ Skins are a glass reinforced sheet about 1.5mm thick that can hold up to plenty of scraping or even sanding. Other products lose their “stick” after a while, but the PRINTinZ™ Skin maintains its adhesion properties indefinitely, giving you the best value among the many printer bed alternatives. 


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PLA, PLA derivatives, PVA, NinjaFlex and TPU stick to the PRINTinZ™ Skin without a heated bed. It can be heated, however, for use with a variety of filaments including ABS and PETG.  PRINTinZ™ Skins use 3M 468MP adhesive transfer tape to assure a strong bond to your printer bed, even at higher printing temperatures.  If you are concerned about removing the Skin in the future, you can simply apply it on top of a layer of painter’s tape. 

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