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3D Printer Plates for Lulzbot Printers

PRINTinZ Plates are a great addition to your Lulzbot Mini or TAZ printer.

One of our customers made some mods to the Lulzbot Mini to accommodate the added thickness of a PRINTinZ Plate. He used some brass M3 PCB standoffs to move the auto-leveling washers up to make room for the custom cut Plate.  We provided a plate cut to 170mm x 170mm with 15mm chamfered corners. It’s only $28. Click Here if you would like to order one - we now stock this size.

There are a lot of ways to do this, longer screws and spacers would work as well, but you have to maintain conductivity to the base plate for the leveling function to work.  Some photos are shown below along with some printable clips from Thingiverse. These can be scaled in your slicer to work with your set-up and PRINTinZ Plate.





Our stock 300mm x 300mm Plate is the right size for the Lulzbot TAZ 4,5 or 6 printers.  We suggest you don't run the canned ABS program in the TAZ. Dial the heat down so you don't get too much adhesion. You want to shoot for 70-80C on the top surface of the plate, so maybe 100C for the bed temp setting.

If you are already using a PRINTinZ Plate on your TAZ and would like to share some photos with other user, please contact us!


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