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Custom Plates Discontinued for 2017

Thank you for visiting PRINTinZ. For the duration of 2017, we have suspended sales of custom size Plates and Skins. We will continue offering a wide array of the most popular stock sizes on our website.

If you need a size that can be cut from an existing stock size, here are some recommendations for making that modification:


Plates can be cut with a traditional band saw, however, the material is abrasive and will dull a regular metal blade quickly. A diamond blade will work much better.  A table saw will also work with either a high tooth count, carbide tipped blade or a diamond blade. The cut edge should be sanded smooth after cutting to prevent injury. Regardless of which method is used, be sure the plate is well supported near the cut on the exit side to prevent delamination.

Plates can NOT be cut with a laser.


Skins can be cut with aviation shears, a band saw or a laser. If using a laser, cut through from the top surface with the tape on the exit side.


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