PRINTinZ 3D Printer Plates


If you've spent any time using a fused filament type of 3D printer, you understand the demands on the print surface. The surface must provide enough adhesion to prevent lifting, yet allow for safe release of finished prints. The proprietary surface chemistry of the PRINTinZ™ 3D Printer Plate provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, and a clean release of your printed part. You can flex the plate slightly to remove your part, skim it off with a spatula, or use a combination of both. With the PRINTinZ™ Plate there's no need to waste time replacing damaged tape, cleaning up adhesives or hair spray, and no worries about broken glass.

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Unlike other products such as thinly coated substrates or thin films, the PRINTinZ™ Plate is tough enough to withstand the surprisingly strong forces involved with 3D printing and part removal. You can print on either side of a PRINTinZ™ Plate, choosing the black or white surface to provide optimal contrast with your filament color.

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Guaranteed Value

The PRINTinZ™ Plate has undergone extensive research and field testing, resulting in a print surface that offers performance and reliability at an affordable price. While no print surface will last forever, the PRINTinZ™ Plate is the most durable and cost effective product on the market. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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