PrintinZ 3d printers

3D Printer Plates & Filament

PRINTinZ has the supplies and know-how you need to make your desktop 3D printing successful. Our patent pending flexible printer plates save you the hassle of glues or tapes and provide frustration-free results. Already have a 3D printer and want to avoid failed prints? We stock Zebra plates in many popular sizes, or we can custom cut one to fit your machine at no extra charge. We also offer competitively priced, high quality filament.

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Zebra Printer Plates

Zebra plates are the latest development in the continuing evolution of the 3D printing surface. The white and black sides offer you a color choice to contrast with your filament color, making that critical first layer easier to see. The proprietary surface chemistry yields excellent adhesion and a clean release of your printed part. You can flex the plate slightly to remove your part or simply skim it off - no tape to replace, no glue to apply, no sticky mess.

  • •   Field proven on hundreds of printers in over 30 countries
  • •   Can be used with PLA, ABS, and other materials
  • •   Built to last for hundreds of hours of printing
  • •   Smooth, matte finish for excellent print quality
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